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Aircraft Registrations
KHCS, through its partners, provides Aircraft Ownership Solutions specialising in Private Jet and Helicopter Sales, Aircraft Registration, Management & Administration, Tax-efficient Aircraft Ownership Structuring, Importation / Exportation and a full range of Aircraft Consultancy Services.

KHCS is well positioned to help aircraft and helicopter owners realise tax and operational benefits, particularly in the Isle of Man but also in other jurisdictions. Our administrative, management and full consultancy services aim to reduce the burden of responsibility that comes with ownership and we are able to offer a variety of bespoke structures and solutions for clients intending to purchase an aircraft - solutions that provide for beneficial VAT planning and tax mitigation and/or deferral.

KHCS and its partners provide a specialist and dynamic aviation consulting service for our clients wishing to seek professional advice and strategic directions with aviation related projects from airliners through to business jets and helicopters, Sales and Acquisitions, FBO's, Insurance, Finance, Maintenance, Charter and related activities.

With its global networks of Aviation Professionals in various locations worldwide, we can offer specific pre-purchase service to provide our clients with an independent pre-purchase survey and valuation audit. This enables our clients to verify that the purchase is indeed value for money and that they have reduced the risk of any unknown maintenance surprises for the future. The aircraft pre-purchase inspection/appraisal is essential when considering an aircraft purchase or valuation. The process is complex and will vary in terms of content based upon the type and age of aircraft being considered. The appraisal is split into two main tasks one being the physical inspection of the airframe and engines and the other a comprehensive survey of the back to birth maintenance records.

We can also provide advice and consulting in the formation of an Air Operator Certificate for any start-up charter organisation. In some instances, it may be best to acquire an already established air operatorís cert ificate as the set-up process can take a considerable amount of time as well as money. However, our experts will guide you through this process and assist with the recommendations whether it be a national AOC, International AOC or Worldwide AOC.

Whether you are purchasing, selling or chartering an aircraft, it is incumbent on owners to meet the craft's financial, legal, technical and administrative obligations. These responsibilities are often complex and require careful consideration and the attention of a specialist service provider. Our Isle of Man-based aircraft companies have the experience and expertise to handle registration and the ongoing commitments your craft will demand. We assist manufacturers, owners, operators and leasing companies looking to register their craft in the Isle of Man with a range of issues such as:

  • What aircraft to purchase and how to go about locating and buying.
  • Securing and facilitating Finance arrangements where necessary.
  • Liaising with the Isle of Man's Aviation authority for registration.
  • Structuring a solution to protect personal privacy as well as the asset.
  • Acquiring advice on VAT, customs and the general tax ramifications of ownership.
  • Finding and retaining experienced pilots and crew.
  • Ensuring the craft is adequately insured.
  • Administering the craft's legal and technical requirements.

The Isle of Man offers a number of flexible and tax efficient options for ownership. These include a range of partnerships, trusts and corporate holding structures which can help owners take advantage of the low costs involved in operating from the Island and the Island's beneficial tax legislation and privacy laws. Choosing to have the aircraft owned by a company or a trust in the Isle of Man offers owners a number of important advantages:

  • Confidentiality of ownership
  • Reduced exposure to potential liabilities
  • Easing the disposition of assets to heirs
  • Beneficial VAT planning
  • Zero-rated Corporation Tax

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